Our Aquatic Kitten!

While a lot of cats dislike water, there are certain domestic cat breeds, such as the Bengal and Turkish Van breeds, who are renowned for their willingness to take to water and sometimes even take a swim.

Large cats in the wild, who have evolved to thrive in warmer climates are very comfortable in water, but those in colder environments are not so keen.

Many domestic cats are curious about water, and some, such as TomTom, absolutely love water!

We have been trying to contact Mrs J Van Niekerk to thank her for her generous donation to Cats'9Lives but the cell number given on the Bank form is incorrect.

Become a volunteer

Want to get involved, why not volunteer by becoming one of our foster moms?

We provide the milk, pellets and take kittens in to be homed when they are old enough, but bottle feeding is a most rewarding job as it is so worthwhile to watch their development.

To become a volunteer, please contact us


Cat Trivia:

Cats' eyes are so big that if our eyes were proportionately as big they would be about 8 inches in diameter.


Market Day

Date: 26 November 2016 10:00
Venue: Waterkloof Animal Hospital

We will have hand made items, White Elephant stall, books , dvds and we are serving a delicious tea....Read more